Sea Catch Fishes

In Bangladesh there are 401 species of marine fishes. The coastal and marine zone of Bangladesh is one of the world’s wealthiest ecosystems having higher productivity and unique mangrove influences. The marine fisheries resources keep a crucial role in the economy of the country, contributing about 16% of the total fisheries production. The Bay of Bengal is situated in the South of Bangladesh and fishing is only confined within 200-meter depth. About 255 trawlers, 67,669 mechanized and non-mechanized boats are engaged in fishing. Pelagic and deep-sea resources are still untapped.

The main commercial fishing zones in the Bay of Bengal are Swatch of no Ground, Middle Ground, South Patches and South of South Patches. Also, artisanal fishing is done in the near shore coastal area of Bangladesh. Though the Bay of Bengal has about over 400 species but only few of them are harvested commercially. Marine fisheries can be classified into pelagic, and demersal.

Fishes that are catching from Marine source are Indian Mackerel, Pomfrets, Ribbon Fish, Bombay Duck, Mullets, Oil Sardine, Bonito, Skipjack, Threadfin, Smelts, Indian Scad, Jaw Fish, Croakers, Catfishes, Flatfishes, Pike, Sea Breams, Snappers, Eel, Seabass, Grouper, Silver Bream, and Demersal Sharks etc…