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Black Tiger Shrimp

Penaeus monodon is the scientific name of Black Tiger shrimps in Bangladesh, commonly known as the Giant Tiger Prawn or Asian Tiger shrimp
Striped like its jungle namesake, the Black Tiger shrimp is available year-round and is one of Asia’s major aquaculture products. Most Tiger shrimp is farmed, though a significant amount is harvested from the wild by trawlers working mud bottoms from very shallow water to depths beyond 300 feet. The largest of 300 commercially available shrimp species worldwide, tigers can grow to 13 inches, but harvest size averages 9 to 11 inches. Many countries supply black tigers from both farmed and wild sources. Farmed black tiger shrimp have a mild, almost bland flavor compared to the pronounced taste of ocean-harvested Gulf shrimp. Cooked tiger’s meat is also softer than that of other shrimp species. Tigers have gray to black stripes on gray or bluish shells and associated stripes on the peeled meat. Important suppliers include Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Indonesia.
Process Type: Raw & Cooked
Freezing Type: Block Frozen, Semi-IQF & IQF
Type of Production: Head-On Shell-On (HOSO), Head Less Shell-On (HLSO), HLSO Easy Peel, Peeled and Deveined (PD), Peeled Undeveined (PUD), Peeled & Deveined Tail-On (PDTO), Peeled Tail-On (PTO), Head Less Deep Cut & Butterfly Cut
Available Size: 2/4, 4/6, 6/8, 8/12, 13/15, 16/20, 21/25, 26/30, 21/30, 31/40, 41/50, 51/60, 61/70
Common Packing Style: 6x4 Lbs, 6x2Kg, 6x1.8Kg, 6x1.5kgs, 6x1.2kgs, 10x1Kg, 5x2Lbs, 10x2Lbs